Joseph O'Loughlin

His presence was always welcomed, as he managed to connect with each of my parents and ensure their needs and wishes were of the highest importance. Without his services and hard working professionalism, my parents would not have been able to reach their intended selling price and they would not have been able to find the perfect new home.

The service and personal attention I received from O’Loughlin Real Estate was exceptional and unexpected from a Real Estate Agent, they are truly a high calibre team. Joe’s knowledge of the local market and his key contacts in the community helped me quickly sell my home.

He also interviews all prospective home buyers so that he is only bringing to the home the truly genuine buyers. By doing this, my home was only on the market for one week before Joseph had secured a sale.

We believe it was your professional approach and your genuine care for both client and prospect alike that was the key in successfully concluding the sale of our home.

Joseph even helped us find our new home, providing advice on all the things we we’re unsure of and the best steps to take. If you’re looking for a real estate agency with a no nonsense, personalised customer service approach, then look no further.

We were very surprised that it sold within approximately 17 days, which was due to the great negotiations by you.

We were very impressed with the way there were no open house inspections, it made it easier to sell. It now allows us to change our life style and move on.

I have sold three properties and used various agents, however Joseph’s service is far superior to any agent I have met.

He told me from day one, how much he would sell my parent’s home for and he kept all his promises.

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