We are always on the lookout for people to join our team.

If you are committed to high standards and are considering a career in real estate, then we would like to speak to you.

If you would like to find out more about these positions call us on (03) 0438 355 521.

Real Estate Cadet

This is a magnificent opportunity for young people to enter a wonderful career in real estate.

The position we offer has one sole purpose: to create sales that are directly linked to the actions of our Real Estate Cadet. This is a role in which you will be required to prospect daily for new business for our company, O’Loughlin Real Estate.

If you are focused, mature-­minded, responsible and have a fine character, you are invited to enquire. We are looking for special people who are prepared to study, who are committed to the highest ethical standards, and who work hard and are determined to succeed.

You will join a team of real estate agents who are the most respected in the country. There is extensive training but no cost to you, except your time. This position has proved to be the best way to start a career in real estate sales.

Real Estate Salesperson

If you’re a special person, we’re ready to offer you a very special package to join a real estate team committed to very high standards.

We are planning to increase our success and we need you to help us. Indeed if you like us and we like you, we can probably help each other.

We have two aims:

to be the best real estate agency in our area
to build the best real estate team in our area

By “best” we mean the best in service both to clients, the best in commitment to our values and, finally, the best in income levels for our sales team. We’re seriously in search of special people and that’s why we are prepared to offer a special package.

What do we mean by “special people“? Well it’s simple. You’ll have enormous energy, rock-­solid integrity, high intelligence, sound judgement, a love of learning, willingness to work hard and an ambition to be the very best in your profession.

These will be your core values. If you possess them and are willing to consider our agency, we’ll help you to learn our methods. If you succeed, your total income should be at least $200,000 a year.